I have a fragment of something anime/manga-related, but I don't know what it is, and I want to know.

However, it seems this site doesn't accept some (all?) kinds of identification request.

What can I get identified here? Otherwise, where else can I possibly get helped with it?

Inspired from How can I find the title of a movie from just a description or image? -- Movies & TV Stack Exchange


First of all, Anime & Manga Stack Exchange still accept some kinds of identification request, particularly if the series is known:

  1. Characters from a known series

  2. Episodes from a known series (this includes some anime/manga-style series of non-Japanese origin)

  3. Music from a known series - ask with [music] and [series-name] tags (e.g. )

  4. Cosplay/merchandise/itasha: yes, but with some exceptions

Outside of these types, please don't post it on this site because the community will not entertain it and it will be closed as off-topic. However, if you have enough reputation to participate in chat (requires 20 reputations), feel free to join our chat room!

But wait...


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