There appears to be no way to edit a tag, at least with my level of privilege. The other day I wrote a tag (which was soon approved), and today I noticed an error. Could someone either tell me how I could suggest an edit to it, or edit it for me? The tag is .

it ends with

being third-years in middle school [eighth grade].

it should say

being third-years in middle school [ninth graders in American English].

The main reason is to correct an error of fact, but the other words, and shift from grade to graders, is to improve context and match agreement between preceding and bracketed text.

  • @AkiTanaka Duh! [slaps face] Thanks. I was so focused on searching for the word edit, my mind didn't bother parsing that phrase. Anyway, I have "improved tag info" now.
    – RichF
    Aug 31 '17 at 15:33

When you select/search for a specific tag, there's an info box on the top with its excerpt and some links. Instead of "edit", one of the link is "improve tag info".

improve tag info

From there, you can (suggest an) edit the tag excerpt and/or tag wiki.

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