I feel that many users of this site also use My Anime List (MAL) to track and organize their anime. Thus, would it not make sense for us to have a MAL tag for questions?


Like include the tag in every question? That wouldn't make sense. Tags are used to denote that the question is directly related to something. We could as well add tag to most of our questions, and it wouldn't be very useful.

If we had a number of questions that would be on topic and asking about something directly related to MyAnimeList site in a way that would make sense to use a tag for it… actually, I can't even imagine such a scenario.

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    I was more thinking about questions specifically dealing with MAL and the website, but now that I'm reconsidering it's probably considered off-topic for this website. – wcarhart Aug 5 '16 at 21:12
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    Well, yes, because we mainly deal with questions directly related to anime or manga, and not the resources related to them. I guess we might have a few exceptions but in this case I just don't know how it could possibly fit unless the site became a known anime producer or a distribution network like CrunchyRoll. – Hakase Aug 5 '16 at 21:16
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    @ThePickleTickler if the question is about MyAnimeList then it might make sense however i don't recall any question like that. i do recall answers which talk about MyAnimeList in which we don't normally update tags in a question to reflect the answers that have been posted which is why, before they were made off-topic, id requests weren't updated to have a series tag after they were answered – Memor-X Aug 6 '16 at 4:58

Tag now exists and was first created in October 2018 on Is MyAnimeList still good ranking site for anime?.

Note that as Hakase's answer has mentioned, use this tag only for questions about MyAnimeList specifically.

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