Summer 2016 is when I achieved my game development degree. I could pursue my bachelor but I felt more like working, so I decided to have my own company for free lance project and to work full time to build up some experience. In my spare time I enjoy watching anime, playing games and developing software for personal use. Sometimes I create games with some friends in Unity as a project for usually a couple of weeks. This is usually used as material for our portfolios or something to learn from.

As a free lancer I am active as a .net C# developer, usually it are projects in either Unity or VS with the main assignment being virtual reality. My company (RaafOritme) focuses on the gaming industry, mainly the section with new not so mainstream technologies, mainly VR.

In 2020 I had build up a lot of working experience from free lancing as well as full time jobs. So it was time to get my Bachelor's degree for game development. As of now I am a Bachelor student.