Hello! My name is... well... I think I will stick with the number 23823. After all it is not that hard to remember... or is it?

I am on the following sites:

Mathematics: I am most interested in branches of mathematics that have direct application in physics, especially topology, differential geometry and Lie groups.

Physics: This is my major, but I am still trying to wrap my head around quantum field theory...

Astronomy: Celestial mechanics gets me excited.

Mathematica: Fascinated by functional programming, I use Wolfram Mathematica to do much of my work.

LaTeX: Do not actually like it but have to use it anyway...

Japanese Language: I probably know more Kanji than the average Japanese. (This is a joke.)

Latin Language: Not as good as my Japanese but still learning.

Stack Exchange: Python is my main programming language. I also have an interest in web app development and cryptography.

Anime: Do not watch anime often, but a big fan of Yuru Yuri.

I would like to share my experience and knowledge with everyone here.

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