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How do I make good Tag Wikis/Excerpts?

Series Tags Section 1 - Intro and Excerpt The first section, generally 1 paragraph long, should contain the name of the series with any abbreviated name that's commonly used along with the original ...
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Can we have tag wikis for [blend-s] and [how-clumsy-you-are-miss-ueno]?

You should be able to propose these yourself, by hitting the "help us create it" link on the tag page: After you do so, your proposed edit will go to the suggested edits queue, where other members of ...
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Proposal: semi-standardized tag wikis for series tags

Excerpts I propose that excerpts for series contain the full name of a series in Japanese (romanized; there's no point in tossing kanji/kana in there - yes, I know I'm responsible for adding a fair ...
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Let's cleanup the tag wiki/excerpt!

Follows is a list of tags in need of cleanup. Pick your favorite and go go go! Tag tag count tag link naruto 372 https://anime.stackexchange.com/edit-tag-wiki/7 ...
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What kind of details should be in tag wikis?

A nice big illustration showing the main characters; Work type − anime series / movie / short / OVA / ONA / manga / novel / light novel / one-shot, etc; Work names − official English and Japanese ...
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