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Tomato Tomato Tomato.

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15 votes
5 answers

A&M Gift Exchange: Show off your gifts!

Hello Anime & Manga elves! Now that you've put all that hard work into preparing your gift, it's about time to start unwrapping your own one! Don't worry if your gift hasn't arrived yet, ...
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6 votes
0 answers

A&M Gift Exchange: Ship out your gifts + Feedback on the conspiracy!

Now that the deadline for conspiracy gifting draws near, we'd like to remind everyone of that deadline. It's time to get your presents on their way! Remember the deadline is November 4th. This ...
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8 votes
0 answers

A&M Gift Exchange: Let's Start Conspiring!

Since the sign ups have now ended, let's start talking about the details of Conspiracy Santa. First up is the format. Very soon, everyone that signed up with be getting an email from our Conspiracy ...
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14 votes
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Come one, come all to the SECOND Annual Anime.SE Holiday Gift Exchange!

As some of you are aware, we did a gift exchange event amongst the community last years, in part to foster better relationships with users and in part to celebrate the holidays. This year, we're ...
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