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Is saying that A gives B a present a spoiler? (Kaguya-sama)

Here What is the kanji on the fan that Kaguya gives to Shirogane in season 2 episode 2? I think this is a spoiler. I think it should be What is the kanji on the gift given in season 2 episode 2? ...
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Should we say the episode/chapter/season in the question to help avoid spoilers (and also to possibly be clearer or more helpful)?

Related: Should this question have avoided spoilers in the title or not? What should our policy be regarding spoilers? Thing 1: Spoilers I think it's not so hard to handle spoilers in answers to ...
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Should this question have avoided spoilers in the title or not?

I edited this question's title (Death Note spoiler) to avoid spoilers. Later on, it was rolled back. Should I not have edited it then? I'm not quite sure that the title is needed to contain such ...
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Questions with the same title

I asked this question using the title "What show is this?" Being familiar with SE sites, I realized that the title I used is no longer available for future questions. Given that this community ...
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What's the deal with questions starting with "What's the deal with"?

I'm seeing those more and more often recently. "What's the deal with" is a slang, I don't think we should allow it. Instead, we should be using "Who is/are?" or "What is/are?". I think these are more ...
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