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Proposal: semi-standardized tag wikis for series tags

As some users have suggested in the past, there may be merit in coming up with a standard format for tag wikis (and, more importantly, excerpts) for series tags. That is, tags like naruto, madoka-...
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Let's cleanup the tag wiki/excerpt!

As part of the preparations to the graduation of the site, I'm proposing to review of all the existent tags wiki/excerpt and write those that aren't still written. What should you look for: It's a ...
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What can we do to organize an effort on the part of well-informed users to responsibly improve tag wiki content?

As some users might be aware of, we have a handful tag wiki content that may have been directly obtained from other sites without proper attribution. I'd like to remind users that this practice is ...
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How do I write a good tag wiki?

I would like to bring on a question about the quality of tag wikis. What is a tag wiki? A tag wiki should briefly tell us some basic information about the subject of the tag. First of all, just an ...
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Copy-Paste for tag excerpts allowed?

I've just seen the tag-except for accel-world. By chance, I noticed, that the text was more or less copied from the wikipedia-article. Is this allowed? Wikipedia has a Creative Commons BY-AT license, ...
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