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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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if someone flags the question, it should be become a mandatory for them to leave a comment

The downvote is okay, but if someone flags the question it should be mandatory for them to leave a reason in a comment or they Should at least forced to upvote the previous flag comments if the reason ...
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Retain earned user privileges after rep requirement threshold raise

So there's been a bit of talk about maybe raising this site's reputation threshold, potentially locking out users out of the privileges they have for now, making them need to re-earn them again. I ...
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What should be done with inactive users questions?

I frequently see unanswered questions, not because there isn't good answers but because the user who asked them is no longer active. Should these be closed? As without an accepted answer they are ...
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Would it be possible to have Stack Exchange alter this site's features to avoid spoilers? [duplicate]

This site seems to bring with it a special issue: When asking a question both the suggested questions and sidebar are practically designated spoiler flashes. It's very difficult, when the content is ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Reduce chat feed bot delay for new questions

Our feed bots post questions with delays of up to 20 minutes. Could we make them post as soon as questions appear on the main page or in Questions tab?
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Review queue bugged?

Last few days the review queue has been a bit buggy for me. Latest example, today I got notice of 8 review things (orange cube next to review). And after reviewing 3 First post's I had nothing left in ...
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Rename tag "Naruto" to "Naruto-Shippuuden"

I want to ask question about Naruto (the 2005 version). And I think that if I say something like "what happened in the 10 episode?" it may cause some misunderstandings.
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Create synonym of variations tag

When asking a question about the difference between the manga and anime, I would have never thought to use the variations tag. Can we create a synonym of this tag as anime-manga-difference, or at ...
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Making the spoiler markup more accessible

I think we should include a faq on how to use the spoiler markup in the faq or somewhere more accessible for new users, as anime contains a lot of spoilers and many new users don't use the advanced ...
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3 answers

Please allow the anime and manga tags

When I was asking a question about Bleach (the anime), I wanted to use/create the anime tag, as I wanted to point out that the question was about the anime and not the manga. I got the error that the ...
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Can we change the "pling" sound from the chat?

It's currently just... ugh, unpleasant. And not like a "ping" at all. Can haz change to normal pling sound from SO?
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