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I am able to select the option "Pending edit" to complete a review on mobile, but then clicking on "Submit" does nothing

Since I don't have edit privileges (yet), when I select the option to edit a post in the review queue, my edit gets submitted as a suggested edit, and the review completion actions modal updates to ...
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Why was this review item in the 'First answers' queue invalidated?

I'm wondering why the 'First answers' review item for an answer by Cordel Michael to 'Can Kakashi use the jutsu he copied without the Sharingan?' is invalidated, as shown in the timeline for the post. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Review queues completed message not appearing

Once I finished the Review Queues, as explained in the title of this post, nothing shows up when I finish them. Refreshing, nor restarting the website did not fix this problem: As far as I'm ...
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Confusing text on review buttons

I've just had a confusing few moments in the review view where the "allowing" buttons read Edit and Reopen and Reopen. The confusion came from seeing the edit difference below and thinking that this ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What's the Matter with these new rep requirements?

This morning I stumbled upon a change in the review system, the reputation requirements have been raised. With this change only 42 users (162 with the old threshold) can do Close, Reopen & Low ...
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