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1 answer

Are unhelpful flag responses automated?

When I first started using this site, I raised a flag that was later deemed as unhelpful. I now know this was because I had used the incorrect flag type (being 'requires moderator intervention' rather ...
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Why was this music question locked after I flagged it, but my flag was declined?

What is the song playing in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 25 at 10:00? I just noticed it was bumped, so I thought I'd do a good deed and report it. I said music sooooo close? As a reward for my ...
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Why was my flag declined?

Why was this declined?
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8 votes
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PSA: Mods can't see who flagged a comment

Somebody recently raised a custom comment flag that said something to the effect of "delete these comments, but not my comment". Since mods can't see who raises comment flags, I didn't know which ...
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2 votes
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Is there or should there be a rule against asking questions for an anime or manga you haven't finished yet?

I was thinking about a question I wanted to ask on the non-meta site when I ran across this issue. For clarity, I'll detail what my question would have been. Note that I'm just using this to show an ...
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2 votes
1 answer

When do i flag low-quality?

When a flag of mine gets rejected, it's usually a 'low quality' flag. Can I get some clarification about how they work? I flagged an answer here, which was rejected - but then the answer was ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why were my comment flags declined?

I flagged two comments as obsolete yesterday because they referred to older versions of the post, and because the issues that had been pointed out were already fixed: This, where someone asks for a ...
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1 vote
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Why was this migration flag declined?

This question - What did Madara mean by "showing our guts"? - is a question asking about the definition of an english phrase. Sure, it was found in a manga, but apart from that, it's not ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why was this obsolete comment flag declined?

When I edited What databases and listing sites exist for anime, manga, etc? yesterday, I also noticed that the comments there were quite out of date. They were suggesting changes that had already ...
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