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My post was removed due to DMCA Takedown Notice — what can I do?

We've (Stack Exchange Inc.) recently received a DMCA takedown notice for several posts from this community. As a result of that, I'm taking down around 15 posts at this very moment (got a script ...
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Would Scripts count as "pirated versions of copyright materials"?

I recently asked this question on finding a database for translated Drama CD Scripts. one of the comments by Logan M was (emphasis mine) I am not aware of any English-language database of drama CDs ...
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Is it okay to allow 'illegal' sites if the anime/manga is in the public domain?

I've been watching a lot of older anime shows lately (like, pre-1950), and there are a few I would like to be able to source. A good few of these are so old that their copyright has run out and they ...
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How should we deal with new users posting links to illegal material in comments?

I've seen several instances of new users posting links to scanalation sites for manga or full anime episodes. This is (as far as I can tell) not allowed here. The canonical reference for this is How ...
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How do we deal with copyrighted material on our site?

What do we do about questions or answers which contain questionably copyrighted material? This includes: Embedded scanlation images YouTube links to episodes or parts of them Links to fansub groups