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Should closed questions with accepted answers be reopened?

I have come across a few questions that are already closed but have an accepted answer. Being relatively new here, I'd thought I'd ask this question. Examples: Here, and here being the more recent ...
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1 answer

Why is this "reality check" question closed?

From what I can see, this question is no different from these "reality ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is this really opinion-based?

The question Is Avatar: the Last Airbender an anime? was closed for being opinion-based. Yet, Can an animated show created outside Japan be called Anime? and What differentiates anime from regular ...
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Retag recommendation questions to reduce misused tag count

Many new users post "I want more anime like XXX" and it's closed forever as off-topic. But instead of diluting correctly tagged question count with these, let's just retag them to recommendation and ...
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2 answers

Can my question about Anime & Manga 101 be salvaged?

I've asked the following question: What should a university-level course about manga and anime culture cover as part of its curriculum? It is of course opinion based but I believe in this case there ...
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3 answers

How to reasonably scope a list question asking for anime of humor genre?

The question led to a debate on the correct interpretion of our policy on list ...
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