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Image-only Id-request cleanup

As can be seen from our previous meta, there is a clear community concensus that image id-requests don't have a place on our site. As such, we will begin phasing out these questions. The first thing ...
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Hey folks - want to review some tags?

Over the course of the past few days, I've gone through each tag with five or fewer questions (with a few exceptions; see below) and: Cleaned up any existing tag wiki/excerpt content, slaying ...
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8 votes
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Ongoing cleanup tasks

Some cleanup tasks need to be done on an ongoing basis as new questions/answers/etc introduce cruft to the site. The aim of this question is to compile a list of tasks that: Fall outside the scope ...
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Let's cleanup the tag wiki/excerpt!

As part of the preparations to the graduation of the site, I'm proposing to review of all the existent tags wiki/excerpt and write those that aren't still written. What should you look for: It's a ...
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The Great Maid Sweep of 2014 ~ Lets clean up for graduation!

As was suggested by Shog9-sama, I hereby call upon all the users to help with some site cleanup, so that we're all tidied up for our big graduation party~ I'd like to ask the community: Are there ...