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How can I improve this question: "Birthdays of Maika, Kaho, Mafuyu, Miu, Hideri"

What are the birthdays of the four waitresses + Hideri? This question received some downvotes and has a negative score. How can I improve this?
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2 votes
1 answer

Should I ask a new question to get an answer to one part of another question?

So I was busy typing up a question asking when Aizen switched with Momo in Bleach. As I was typing, I saw the question Aizen vs Everyone which asked more or less the same thing, but asking when Aizen ...
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How to ask a music identification question

I was watching an anime, and this really awesome piece of music came on. I want to know what it's called, but I don't know where to start looking. I know I can ask for help here on Anime.SE, but how ...
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Doubts regarding the subtitles in anime and translations in manga

If I have doubts in the subtitles of any anime I watch, regarding the translations, or in the translations of online manga, should I ask it on here or should I ask it on the Japanese language Stack ...
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Is explicit content off topic or not? [duplicate]

I see there are posts on this meta regarding explicit content, and generally the answers say that it's allowed as long as there are no offending images or links to the material. However, while some ...
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No tag for anime/manga series and not enough reputation to create tag; what tag to use?

I have a question about Buddy Complex production. No tag exists for this series yet, but I also do not have the tag creation privilege here. What tag should I use?
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Why is this shown when I'm trying ask a question?

It says "your answer couldn't be...". I tried posting a question on meta and not an answer. A bug perhaps?
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Is it alright to write a title like "some question about X anime series"?

I want to ask a question about some anime series which is divided to few similar questions. So to make it more efficient, I thought to assemble all of them to the same question page. I think it will ...
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25 votes
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Improve question quality by informing users of reverse image search sites

Over at Anime & Manga, a lot of users come with images of anime fan art, cosplays, gifs, etc and ask who the character is, or which show they are from. The only problem with these questions is ...
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Id requests and their generic titles

I apologise in advance for formatting and orthography errors that may appear here, as I am currently on mobile. Just right now I saw a identification-request with the awesome title of: "Looking for ...
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2 answers

Are questions like "Which country watches the most anime allowed"

I was wondering how people feel about these questions. I'm not sure whether these would count as a questions on Anime & Manga, but what would be you advice on questions like these and would they ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to determine the status of a list question?

In the recent bumps, I have noticed this question as an allowed question. It seems that it wasn't closed because the scope was reasonably defined. Thus I want to ask, what exactly constitutes ...
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Empty question details for "picture questions"?

In this question What is the striped thing on Jango's chin?, the question title along with the picture is sufficient to understand the question. Is it acceptable to submit such questions without any ...
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How to ask questions on this site?

What are the kinds of questions one should ask on this site? The following will cover: How to prevent my question from being down-voted and/or closed? What kinds of questions are considered good, on-...
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Is it okay to use sources from sites without copyright?

As I use Wiki sometimes help to establish my point, is there possibility that I can do it with sites that I can watch anime online?
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16 votes
3 answers

Is discussing Hentai allowed? [duplicate]

I just had to ask but are discussions on hentai topics allowed here? It is something that people might end up doing here, so I just wanted someone to clear the air.
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