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My post was removed due to DMCA Takedown Notice — what can I do?

We've (Stack Exchange Inc.) recently received a DMCA takedown notice for several posts from this community. As a result of that, I'm taking down around 15 posts at this very moment (got a script ...
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Should we allow recommendation questions?

People might want to ask about anime / manga which are similar in style / story to the one they just watched or liked. Should they be closed as "not constructive", since they are by-nature were ...
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Should we allow questions that are about Japanese language use in Anime/Manga

This question was posted here: Why does Himura Kenshin say ~ござる (~gozaru) at end of every sentence? The author notes that: "I know this question probably belongs more on Japanese.SE, but we need to ...
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What made you join A&M and engage with the community/site in the first place? How has it changed over time? What could engage you once again?

I would like to revisit the reasons for using SE Q&A sites, and A&M in partucular, and whether you still feel like it's something you're interested in using as an average user would, or if ...
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What should our policy be regarding spoilers?

Considering the topic of our site, I think it's important that we discuss the issue of spoilers early so it doesn't become an issue later. With that in mind, things we need to address: When should ...
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Can you ask questions even if the answer is easily found elsewhere?

I brought this up on JLU a while ago too. I have some potential questions that I could easily find on other sites just by Googling. For example, the chronological order of a bunch of series/movies in ...
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Should we allow "I want to skip the filler in series X" questions?

Better read as: Sticking to Canon Questions. Suppose that an anime has a manga correspondent to it too, and the anime has a fair amount of filler that builds up season after season. Some fans of ...
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Is discussing Hentai allowed? [duplicate]

I just had to ask but are discussions on hentai topics allowed here? It is something that people might end up doing here, so I just wanted someone to clear the air.
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Are questions about how to make anime and manga off-topic?

I spotted this question — What software is used for making anime? — and would love to answer it, but I'm not convinced it's gelling with the other questions asked so far. Moreover, I know there's a ...
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Can we also discuss visual novels, light novels and other related media?

Many anime are derived from visual/light novels, so it only feels natural to also discuss them here. What do you think?
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What identification requests are acceptable here? Otherwise, where else can I possibly get helped with it?

I remember/saw/heard something from an anime/manga/other media, but I don't know what it is. However, it seems this site doesn't accept some kinds of identification requests: Story-based/image ...
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What do we do with questions about future events/releases?

What should we do with questions regrading future events or releases? This question for instance: cannot be seriously answered, ...
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Is song identification the new show identification (and does it have the same problem)?

Maybe there's just some confirmation or recency bias going on, but it feels to me that in recent months there's been a large upsurge in questions of the form "What is the song playing in Episode X of ...
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"Why did they write it that way?" questions should be off-topic

A question I just stumbled upon, Why is the ending of Death Note in the anime so different from the manga?, is an example of the generic question type: "Why did they change X?" or "Why did they write ...
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How is anime defined?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but how do we define anime here in anime.SE? Is it the distinctive art style? Being an animated production originating from Japan? A bit of both? For ...
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