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Are questions about anime games on topic? [duplicate]

Are questions about anime games on topic? For example, can I ask questions about the One Piece games?
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Do we still want to field questions on non-Japanese anime-inspired works?

Recently, we've had two questions on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra which garnered close votes: Is avatar Korra bisexual? and How can fans be used to augment earthbending?. The first ...
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What topics outside of anime and manga can I ask about?

The name of this site is Anime and Manga Stack Exchange, so questions about anime and manga are fine. But there are also all these things that are sort of connected to anime and manga in some way, and ...
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Is RWBY on-topic?

We just got a question on rwby (cf. Wikipedia). Is RWBY on-topic? Relevant facts: RWBY is not anime, because it is not Japanese. RWBY is (or claims to be?) inspired by and/or patterned after anime. ...
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Is the subject of gunpla, plastic models, or figures on topic?

There have been various anime and manga on Gundam models and model building. Model building is also a big part of otaku culture. Is the discussion of Gundam models or model/figures or the activity of ...
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Can I ask about other things related to anime & manga? [duplicate]

Like in the title said can I ask question other than anime and manga. Like can I ask about Manhwa, Manhua, or Chinese or Korean novels.
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Is visual novel production allowed or off-topic?

As per this discussion visual-novel is likely to be removed in the near future, since it's mostly a meta-tag. In the discussions contained therein, I suggested that we create a visual-novel-production ...
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Does A&M SE already have a rule about anime-style fiction? [duplicate]

I mean are they on-topic, off-topic or what? This meta question seems to suggest Avatar: The Last Airbender (A:TLA), The Legend of Korra (TLoK), RWBY, etc. are off-topic on this site. However, I ...
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Do korean webstrips also count as manga?

Are questions about korean webstrips such as This one also counted as manga? And are questions about those also allowed here ?
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Song ID from a Japanese game is on topic?

I flagged this post as offtopic: Song Identification Request, Touhou? It was simple to me since Touhou is not anime or manga that this does not belong in the Anime & Manga Stack Exchange. The ...
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Do live actions based in anime questions belongs to Anime SE? [duplicate]

Do live actions based in anime belongs to Anime SE or they are for another SE community? If so, which would it would be Sci Fi and Fantasy SE? Movies SE?
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