How can I tell if a site which is linked to/mentioned in a question and/or answer is a legal site?


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Below is a list of sites that legally host anime or manga. When someone is reviewing questions/answers that link to/mention a site that hosts anime/manga, this list can be used to determine whether the link/mention should be kept or removed. If the site isn't listed here, then either:

  1. The site is illegal and the appropriate action stated here should be taken.

  2. It may have yet to be added to the list.

If you believe a site that should be on this list is missing but are unsure if it's legal or not, use the chat (a privilege granted at 20 reputation) to discuss it or ask on the Meta here. Illegal sites will be removed from this list. If you spot a link which may actually be illegal (and was included by mistake), edit it out of this answer and/or discuss why it was added.

This list can also be linked to when commenting on offending questions/answers to avoid any disputes.

Feel free to edit this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

Anime Streaming

YouTube Channels



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