The tag wiki excerpt for currently reads as follows:

For questions about anime/manga merchandise. Note that shopping questions (e.g. "Where can I buy this?") are not allowed.

Is the second sentence (no "shopping questions"1) a reflection of current community consensus?

I ask because the discussion at How should we deal with questions asking for where to buy, watch, anime or manga media or such related merchandise?, occurring in June 2013, asked by a moderator (Krazer), has an accepted answer that suggests that questions about where to procure officially-licensed merchandise are on-topic. This discussion postdates the most recent edit of the tag wiki for , which was on April 18, 2013.

1 The sense in which "shopping question" is being used here is not the same sense in which "shopping question" is used on the rest of StackExchange. In the event that we retain the prohibition on questions about where to purchase things, I recommend that the tag wiki be reworded somehow to avoid the use of the phrase "shopping question".

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I've edited the language of the tag in question to note the "shopping recommendations" questions are considered off-topic.

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