Stack Exchange staffs recently announced that they are considering the prospect of unpinning the accepted answer from the top of answers and instead sort them by votes. I noticed some of the other communities discussing this on their meta sites, so I thought of initiating a discussion on Anime & Manga Meta too.

This setting will be configurable per site. The default setting will be fixed according to the preference of the majority among the Stack Exchange Network. The staffs requested to discuss this question within individual communities and they are going to collect the feedback before the end of September 19th.

Does the Anime and Manga community want the accepted answer to be unpinned, or to stay pinned as it currently is?


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I say let it be unpinned.

Quite frankly, if there is more than one answer on a question, especially on something like Anime or Manga, I would honestly say that it's fine to let other answers that the community thinks are better float to the top as opposed to the one that the OP thought was best at the time.

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    Devils advocate; why hasn't this floated to the top following your argument?
    – Peilonrayz
    Commented Sep 16, 2021 at 21:13
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    The older answer attracted more attention from the people who were active at the time, @Peilonrayz. To be fair the accepted answer is quite good and well-detailed, but there aren't as many people around actively upvoting this kind of content. This is an important canary to indicate as well, in my assessment.
    – Makoto
    Commented Sep 16, 2021 at 22:42

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