I've been asked a couple times on the Maid Cafe if UnOrdinary is on-topic and thought to get more of a consensus than just making the decision myself

Why it would be on-topic

  • it has the "anime/manga style"
  • the Author is asian in appearance
  • it is on LINE WEBTOON which was launched by Naver Corporation who are based in Seongnam, South Korea

Why it would not be on-topic

  • only in english
  • not mentioned as being manga or manhwa
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I do think that UnOrdinary is on topic. If we look at Avatar The Last Airbender and its sequel, Legend of Korra, we see that these are on topic. Not because it was made in Japan but because of how it looks. The same thing with UnOrdinary. So I believe that it counts as on topic.

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