Why do cross-dressing characters like Hideri Kanzaki usually have high voices?

This post received a lot of downvotes. It seems like the root cause of the downvotes was due to the "voice ranges" section which is rather music theory-based rather than anime-based. So I had removed the part out. Is my post properly improved?

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Has my post improved?

Yes, since the first edition you posted, your question has significantly improved.

The question currently builds a scenario, and asks a concrete, answerable question which could be answered using authoritative sources or prior knowledge in the field of animation/anime.

I would suggest you also take some time to read through How to write a good question, or improve quality of an existing question? to help you on your way with future improvements and questions.

If in the future you are met with another question that is not really well received, instead of asking why it got downvoted, editing it, and asking if it improved. Just ask a meta question to help you improve the questions instead.

You wouldn't be the first one to need help with creating good questions, and the community is most willing to help, if you are willing to put in the effort to improve as well.

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