I edited this question: In Blend S Episode 7, why were strawberries sold out in every market?

But it has been rolled back the next day.

Why was it rolled back?


Making trivial edits to bump a question is considered bad etiquette. It creates noise on the front page, and it is unfair to the other users whose questions (or the questions which they answered) are pushed from the front page by the bumps.

Nobody cares much if a user does it once, but doing it repeatedly is disruptive, and we will send a warning message if it comes to our attention. Persisting in that behavior after being messaged is grounds for a timed suspension of the account. - quoted from math.se

As your edits reflect and mention this intent, I have decided to revert the changes.

trivial edit for extra rep/votes

I would suggest you stop such edits in the future, as this can/will ultimately lead to a suspension.

  • I have a hard time keeping in mind that trivial edit for karma-seeking is abuse. But I apologize, I will fully try my best to not do it again. I promise I won't do it next time. I'll try my best. – Yubin-chan Jan 26 at 1:21
  • 4
    @MaikaSakuranomiya Maybe try to see it the other way around. The points are not the goal to go for. Creating great content should be. And as you do, points will come your way naturally, making them but a bonus to the great content you can provide. – Dimitri mx Jan 26 at 1:25

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