Recently we've had our stellar diamond moderators step in the gap and close questions on the site which shouldn't be kept open for too long (mostly identification requests).

It got me to thinking - if we didn't have those diamond mods around, we wouldn't be able to get those kinds of questions closed fairly quickly.

Does anyone think that we should consider asking Stack Exchange to lower the close vote threshold to 3?

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    for sure, if it's gonna get problematic content out of sight faster, and this is one of the more efficient ways to do it, let's implement it. If there are better ideas however, please post them in the answers for everyone to consider – Hakase Jan 6 at 4:15
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    Yes, I agree we should. Anime and Manga SE is still bombarded by identification and opinion-based questions. Sometimes, it takes days before these questions even get closed. – W. Are Jan 6 at 7:49

I don't have any privs here, but here's my general thoughts on the question

How many active reviewers are there?

If there's not a lot of active reviewers, that's a good reason to lower the threshold. The close review stats page seems to indicate there's not a lot of reviewing going on. The fact that there's two moderators in the top 10 also doesn't bode well (it typically means that moderators are cleaning out the queues because the community isn't voting enough).

How many close votes age away?

A problem I noticed on DIY.SE was that a lot of votes weren't being done to completion. A lot of times, it was due to votes aging away. If this is a persistent problem, it means the voting culture needs some help.

Is closure timely?

A major reason we close questions is so you don't wind up with terrible questions you can't get rid of. Once a question gets answers, it often starts garnering upvotes and the whole process breaks down.

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