I joined this community back years ago and asked about finding an old (80's) anime. The answer I got was accurate but the Anime Stack-Exchange community was curated since then and old posts aren't visible anymore. I would like to know if there are archives where I can search for that answer. Back then I was without means of buying a copy of that anime, but these days I want to do so. If there is no way to get my old posts, then I would ask again the identification-question, right ?

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Identification requests have since been deemed off-topic — see this Meta post if you wanna dig into the reasoning, etc.

As a part of the clean-up process, most of these questions were indeed deleted.

I can still see 'em, though, and you should too... provided you know where they are. Here and here are the two deleted questions associated with your profile — hopefully one of those is what you're looking for.

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