I noticed that most of the recent questions that are not closed since Oct 12 until now (Oct 16) have been downvoted at least once:

Out of all questions since then, only 1 didn't get any downvote: Do dolls in Rozen Maiden live like a human?

I observed that all of Naruto questions were asked by the same asker; whether it's considered as serial voting or not, I'll rest the case to mods. However, the rest of the series (Assassination Classroom, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Evangelion, Reincarnated as Slime, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Banana Fish, One Piece) ticked my suspicion, whether it was done by a single user or not. It also seems that older questions that got bumped (i.e. "active" tab) were ignored, so it seems the voter is looking at the "newest" tab.

Note that I haven't downvoted any of them since I don't have much knowledge in those series. While I acknowledge I'm one of the most prolific voters on this site, I didn't/couldn't see the reason to downvote on some of the listed questions. Of course, I also know that voting is anonymous, so I don't expect anyone to justify their votes anywhere (but feel free if you want).

Is my suspicion justified? If it is, then is it possible for mods to investigate/escalate this issue to CM, and whether to invalidate the votes if they are indeed bogus?

  • Seems certainly justified, solely judging from The anime scientists profile, of which you linked several questions. I'll take a closer look
    – Dimitri mx Mod
    Oct 16 '18 at 17:05

Thank you for bring attention to this matter. While this indeed does seem to be a targeted incident, at the moment it has been mostly contained by SE's internal system.

We will monitor this situation to make sure that such behavior does not escalate further -- over here or to other communities in which the user may participate in. Hopefully the downvoter in question will realize the futility of their actions.

In the meantime, if you are concerned, I would ask you to give the user some upvote to questions or answers they may have that you believe merit them. Downvotes (-2/0) are easily offset by upvotes (+10/+5), after all.

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