Just now, there was an ID request question that already had 1 close vote. It appeared with a red dot notification under First Posts, but there was no red dot next to Close votes. This isn't the first time this has happened; I will sometimes be looking at a post that has at least one close vote but the review queue won't say that there is anything under Close Votes. It's not consistent, though--the Close Votes review queue often has a red dot notification, so I know it's not just a universal bug. Is this supposed to happen? Does anyone know why it happens?

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Based on my experience, there are 2 of the possibilities:

  1. The close vote is recent, and the system (the queue) hasn't picked it up. Review queues are not real-time, and some queues can take more than 10 minutes to pick up the post.
  2. The post has been edited, and it's kicked out from the queue.

For this particular case, the timeline explains it all:

  • Posted at 16:32
  • Close vote initiated by Turamarth sometime between 16:32-16:38
  • Entered "First Posts" queue at 16:35 and reviewed by kuwaly at 16:39
  • Accumulated 3 more close votes from outside of the queue sometime between 16:39-22:35
  • Entered "Close Votes" queue at 16:50 and closed by Logan M at 22:35
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