For those who have not been flowing along, we have been having weekly chat discussions about about site policy and content.

Here is a list of bookmarks from the previous chat cast session for those that wish to follow.

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Chat casts are as follows

Chat Cast #1 – 1/20/13

Chat Cast #2 – 02/02/13

Chat Cast #3 – 02/09/13

Chat Cast #4 – 02/16/13

Chat Cast #5 – 03/02/13

Chat Cast #6 – 03/16/13

Chat Cast #7 – 05/25/13

If you wish to participate in future chat casts (which typically happen on Saturdays), please check the pinned notifications in our main chatroom for the time as it is subject to change. You may also register here to receive notifications a reminder for the chat cast events as they become available.

If you cannot make a chat cast, but would still like to participate, feel free to ping a moderator and we can see if we can work something out.

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