I believe the tag for the series Poco's Udon World is misspelled. It spells the character's name as "Poko" [pokos-udon-world]. The tag is currently associated with two questions, and there is no tag using the "poco" spelling.

I could find no English sources which use the "k" instead of "c". The following sources use "c", which I feel makes it definitive.

  • Crunchyroll, as seen in this cover art:

Poco's Udon World cover art

  • the English subtitles within the episodes themselves use "Poco" (time mark 13:34 of episode 2)

Poco gets his name

  • its English Wikipedia article uses Poco

  • its My Anime List page uses Poco (as well as alternative titles without "Poco", Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari and the original うどんの国の金色毛鞠 )

I'm guessing I over-researched this. 😏 Both existing questions are short and were posted by @Mindwin . They internally use the "Poko" spelling. This was unfortunate because previously I had hunted for questions about this series and could not find any.

  • I left a comment on one of @Mindwin 's questions letting him know of this post. Perhaps I missed it, but there seemed no way to leave him a private message or email from his user page.
    – RichF
    Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 21:19

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I renamed the tag. I left [pokos-udon-world] as a synonym pointing to [pocos-udon-world] because why not.

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