The and have been added to enable new users to request for a retag, but isn't a single sufficient?

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The idea behind it was that a new user would try to tag their question with the series (which doesn't exist), then their next try would be either or , since they're blacklisted, we have both these tags so that when the user types either "anime" and "manga", they'll find it.

was created, and were synonymed to it.

  • I see, that makes sense. Thanks.
    – Masked Man
    Feb 16, 2013 at 16:40
  • 1
    Couldn't you just make 1 tag of it then ? anime-manga-retag ?
    – Dimitri mx Mod
    Feb 16, 2013 at 18:00
  • 1
    @Dimitrimx: I think a better course of action is to create a retag tag, and synonym both to it. Feb 16, 2013 at 20:29
  • @MadaraUchiha Sounds like a even beter plan
    – Dimitri mx Mod
    Feb 16, 2013 at 21:44

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