Since May 2016, data about when Community bumps a question to the front page has been available in the Data Explorer. This gives us a way to automatically identify questions that get kicked to the front page frequently. Specifically, this query captures a notion of questions that get bumped often. I feel these posts deserve our attention if for no other reason than that it gets boring seeing them on the front page every month. (For reference, here are the criteria for determining which posts get bumped. Since our site is small, and we have considerably fewer than 30 * 24 = 720 bumpable questions, every bumpable question gets bumped every month.)

Here are the posts from the query that have 5 recorded bumps (i.e. monthly since May):

For each of these posts, we should consider the following approaches to get the post off the list of bumpable questions:

  • Is the question off-topic? If so, we should close it.
  • Is the question bad? If so, we should downvote it.
  • Are the existing answers to the question good? If so, we should upvote them.
  • Are the existing answers to the question unsalvageably bad? If so, we should downvote them, and flag them as low-quality and/or vote to delete them.
  • Are the existing answers to the question acceptable, but not good? If so, we should write a better answer, or bounty the question to encourage somebody to write a better answer.

For example, on the Parasyte question (which is the only one of these that I know enough about), I investigated a little bit and found that the existing answer was correct - so I upvoted it. Now, this question won't get bumped anymore!

I encourage you all to do the same.

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  • in regards to the question on Mir's Mind Guardian i was waiting on a reference as i have been unable to find a fan translated version of the game to verify it but your comment does make sense so i have accepted it – Memor-X Sep 19 '16 at 11:39

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