For example:
Q Why did Alice fall in love with Bob?
A The author sucks, and the whole plot is stupid.

What should we do with such posts? You must be wondering why do I even ask this question?

That's because "plot hole" can be a legitimate answer to some questions. We can complain all we like about how something is illogical, but on a Q&A site, if "plot hole" is the answer to the question, then we have to accept it. Thus, the above post can be improved by editing out the rant.

Should we edit it/get it edited or flag it like on other SE sites?

Note: I have delibarately avoided giving examples for obvious reasons, but you can easily figure out what I am referring to from the main site.

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Such questions should be closed. Answers should be downvoted, and maybe deleted.

If you can edit the post to improve it, do so. If you cannot , leave a comment for the author to do it, and if he fails to do so, flag or vote to delete it.

Posts like those aren't useful, there's a huge difference between "it's a plot hole" and "the author sucks".

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    ...and if it's just a snarky answer to a legitimate question, you should flag for moderator attention. Commented Feb 14, 2013 at 21:32

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