I just noticed that two of the four questions in are about specific live-action productions:

Is this (using to designate that the adaptation is live-action, rather than asking about the process of live-action productions) correct tag usage? In my mind, this is equivalent to appending to questions about the EVA manga, the FMA manga, etc., and thus probably not very useful. (I can see the use for in addition to , but the fact that the additional tag is specific to the franchise makes filtering questions easier and also removes the search engine visibility problem parallel to the one mentioned here.)

I also tried looking at the tag descriptions, but alas, there weren't any comments on tag usage there.

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I believe we need to deprecate this tag, as like in the question you linked - it's too general to be of much use.

Currently we have a policy to split up larger series into appropiate subseries, but live-action versions are potentially too niche.

There are two questions there that do not have a 'master' series tag though, I propose that we have a tag similar to and to discuss specific questions.

There is a similar policy with , in which there is a post which is also specific.

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    I feel like including a tag for the live action production makes sense if the franchise has already been split up (e.g. with FMA, which has a live-action film in production) but otherwise agree.
    – Maroon
    Commented Jun 18, 2016 at 22:01

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