There's an tag but no corresponding one for identifying manga. It does seem, to me at least, that manga identification requests are significantly rarer than ones for anime, but I do regularly see requests for identification from an image of a panel or a page from a manga (on other anime/manga related sites). Should there be a separate tag for manga identification or should there be a single tag which covers identification of anime, manga, light novels, or whatever else? Also, it seems one of the questions that's using this tag is requesting an identification of a song, and not of an anime, which leads me to think a more general "identification" type of tag would work better.

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We have decided to go with :

  • It applies to everything: not just Anime and Manga.
  • The "request" makes it very clear that it is a request.

was retagged to it, and synonymed to it.

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I would vote against , because it's exactly too broad. This way, it can be used to identify anything:

  • anime/manga by description
  • anime/manga by screenshot
  • music
  • characters
  • places (e.g. "what place was a prototype for the setting of anime X?")
  • anything within the anime/manga, here are just a couple of random examples I can think of:
    • What brand of T-shirts did character X use in manga Y?
    • What is this food character X is eating in anime Y?
    • ...and so on.

I would vote for having both and .

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