Taking a look at this revision history I noticed a lot of adding and removing of the tag.

The tag itself clearly states


  • When identifying a anime/manga
  • When identifying a character

Don't s

  • Music Identification.

Seeing as most people are trying to identify a series/character when asking about cosplay, shouldn't they be tagged as as well?

Or should they be handled as Image only identification requests and closed as off-topic?

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Identifying a cosplay character should be tagged as based on the changes we made to image only id requests.

Cosplay based questions should use the cosplay tag.

Note that these execeptions will need to comply with general identification standards of providing additional information - such as venue, place of purchase, markings, et cetera.

Image only id-requests were removed because of their lack of context and detail.

We have made an experimental exclusion for certain topics such as cosplay provided the questions contain additional detail.

Such details for cosplay can be:

  • A certain cosplayer
  • Name of the convention + date
  • Stall / Store selling the outfit
  • As part of a stage play
  • etc.

TL;DR: Cosplay identification questions should only be tagged as but must meet the general minimum standard of detail to be kept on-topic.

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