Continuing on the tradition, let us tag as many series as possible, so that new users can find the tags easily without having to dabble with workaround.

For people new to this, check out the rationale here.

Previous posts in the series:

What series are airing in Summer 2015, and which have tags?

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I use the names from neregate, adding a few missing series from anichart. Feel free to make improvements and update the post as it goes.

Leftover from Spring season

Summer series


  • Bikini Warriors
  • Danchigai
  • Hetalia: The World Twinkle
  • Kaijuu Sakaba Kanpai!
  • Kurayami Santa
  • Makura no Danshi
  • Million Doll
  • Miss Monochrome Second Season
  • Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!
  • Q Transformers: Kaettekita Convoy no Nazo 2
  • Suzakinishi: The Animation
  • Teekyuu 5
  • Wakaba * Girl
  • Wakako-Zake
  • Wooser no Sono Higurashi Mugen-hen
  • There are already tags for Gatchaman, but without following the series, I can't really tell which would be the correct one to specify here.
    – Maroon
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