I've just seen a cosplay-related question, which was posted during the definition-phase.


There was a discussion, whether the question would be too objective, but I have an other question: Are cosplay-related questions on-topic in general?

I know, that a cosplay is always manga/anime-related, but isn't it more a question about dressing/photography? I don't know what question could come up, but I think, that cosplay-questions are most likely something like "How should I dress" "What's the best background" (See Photography.SE) ...

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  • Some (if not most) of such questions are highly subjective ("what's the best way to...", "should I do X for cosplaying Y", and so on.
  • The questions will most likely be about just the look, NOT about the character/story. A question about apparel might be ok if the question is directly connected to the story. (Example: Kempachi's eye patch and bells in his hair, which have concrete reasons of existence plot-wise). I'm sorry, but I personaly do not want questions like "how do I tie the ribbons in my hair the way Haruhi did on Sundays?". Forgive me this weakness.
  • Some of the questions are going to be like "where do I buy X to cosplay Y", or "How do I make X for my cosplay costume of Y".

For questions about how to make a costume/what fabrics or tools to use, something like this proposal will be better.

Subjective questions are off-topic on all SE sites.

So, generally speaking I think such questions should be off-topic.

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    I agree, they have no place here. – Alenanno Dec 17 '12 at 13:47

Similar to my answer about Vocaloid questions, I think we have to limit cosplay-related questions to those that stem from the source material themselves.

Questions about character outfits / design in a particular scene is one thing -- like asking about why Lina Inverse's hair changes colors at certain points in Slayers, or what the different rank insignia in FMA are (and what they look like) -- but actual questions about costume design and photography are too subjective and thus outside the scope of this SE.

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    Agreed about this. Basically, if the question is about the actual character design (as necessary to pull off a costume), then it'd be appropriate, and is something that can even be divorced from cosplay. But if it's about the actual costume design, assembly, or other components like "how to make a really convincing costume", that's not really our topicality. – Grace Note Dec 17 '12 at 15:34
  • @GraceNote The example you make is on topic, but it's perhaps the only one question we'd welcome and as you said, it would exist even regardless of cosplay. – Alenanno Dec 17 '12 at 17:16

The Area51 thread had a very interesting link, including Guidelines for Great Subjective Questions

I must say I love that blog post, and I believe if we demand open cosplay questions are allowed only if they fulfill premises described in there, we may get questions we really won't regret.

Thus, I think allowing them conditionally in the FAQ, along with this specific link as to how to phrase them would have a potential of adding to the value of the site.

Of course poorly written questions should be closed presto.

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