In the spirit of Winter 2015 series tags, I would like to promote the creation of tags for older series. As such, I think I want to start disbursing bounties to users that create tags for older series.

I have included a proposal below for doing this on a rolling season-by-season basis (starting with shows from summer 2011 [chosen arbitrarily - but this is obviously going to be more successful if we stick to the relatively recent past] that don't have tags), and would like some of you folks to take a look at it and see if it's reasonable - does it achieve the goal of getting more tags in the system without encouraging perverse behavior? Are there any grey areas I need to clarify? Are there any other changes I should make?

This proposal doesn't strictly require buy-in from other users, I guess, but I hope that this sounds like a good idea to the rest of the community. If any other high-rep users want to join in and help me award some bounties, that would be nifty, too.

If this works out, I imagine we can do something like one season a month or so, until we've hit all the seasons from Fall 2012 (i.e. when this site launched) back to Winter 2005 or so (this would take about three years, granted; I'm taking a long view of things here), perhaps pausing occasionally to focus on some other subset of anime, e.g. movies from a few-year period, or a particular studio's works, or a mega-franchise like Gundam, or whatnot.

There is precedent for this sort of thing on other Stack Exchange sites, though I can't for the life of me remember which ones. I think Code Golf might've been one of them?

(Title: Bounties for tags, summer 2011 edition)

How it's going to work

If you create a tag for one of the series on the list of approved series below (by asking a question with that tag), during the month of February 2015,4 I will award you a 50-reputation bounty, subject to certain conditions on you:

  • You must have posted at least one answer on the site with a score of at least 1.1
  • You must have less than 10,000 reputation on February 1, 2015.2

And also subject to certain conditions on the question you ask with the new tag:

  • The question must have received a net score of at least 3 by February 28 or 7 days after it was posted - whichever is later.3
  • The question must not be closed or deleted.

If you do not have enough reputation to create a tag, that's fine - post the question anyway with and mention that you need somebody with more reputation to create the tag, and somebody will surely take care of that for you. I will give you (rather than the high-rep user who physically creates the tag) credit for creating the tag.

In the interest of getting broader participation, I will award at most 3 bounties (so, 150 reputation) to any given user.

If someone creates a tag but is disqualified from receiving a bounty for any of the reasons above, the bounty may still be awarded to the next user who asked a question in that tag, unless they are disqualified for some reason, in which case I'll go on to the next user, and so forth. So, if somebody "beats you to the punch", but you think their question is unlikely to get a high enough score by the deadline, and you think you have a better question, go ahead and post it! Who knows - you could well win the bounty.

These rules are subject to revision by me at any time and for any reason.6

Approved series5


1 Bounties can only be awarded to answers, not questions, so it's impossible for me to award a bounty unless you've posted an answer somewhere. I ask for a score of 1 or more because I don't want to encourage people posting rubbish as an expedient for earning the bounty.

2 I also envision this as a redistributive mechanism; if you have at least 10,000 reputation, you will still have access to moderator tools after the site graduates, and so you aren't really in need of any rep redistribution.

3 The minimum score requirement is there because, again, I don't want to encourage people spamming terrible questions to earn bounties.

4 In any timezone, so from 12:00 UTC on Jan 31 to 12:00 UTC on Mar 1.

5 This list is derived from AniChart's list of Summer 2011 shows. Series that already have tags are, of course, excluded.

6 This clause will probably only need to be in effect for the first iteration of this thing, to combat any degenerate behavior that ensues as a result of something I haven't foreseen. Once this is fully hashed out, we can drop this clause.

  • does that mean user who create tag of 2011 will only get the bounty not for earlier/older than 2011 – mirroroftruth Jan 18 '15 at 5:34
  • 3
    @mirroroftruth That's the idea. I think it's useful to keep things focused, rather than just saying "you make tags, I give rep". – senshin Jan 18 '15 at 5:56

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