The last 'unanswered question' day we had was successful enough, but now that we have an even bigger userbase and lots of time to grow our % Answered rate has dropped to 87%.

I think that we can bump this back up with a little bit of effort. Here are some things we could look out for:

  • We have several Dangling Id Requests that sometimes have the answer already in the comments.
  • We also have implemented a new standard for Id Requests that wasn't around before. Some older questions may need to be closed.
  • We also have more people, who might know more than we did before.
  • More series (such as ) have ended, so we might be able to answer questions with new information.

After almost half a year, I think we should take a look back at questions we might have missed and see if we can get a little closer to the 90% that we are aiming for.

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