I was editing this question in the review queue. What should the tag for the relevant series be? I have a feeling the official English title (or the romanised one) is too long for a tag name, so I put it down as retag for now. In general, what should be done about cases like these?

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Yeah, not sure what to do with this one. soredemo-sekai-wa-utsukushii is 28 characters (too long); the-world-is-still-beautiful is also 28 characters (still too long).

We could use world-is-still-beautiful (24 characters, works), maybe. Or perhaps the-world-still-beautiful (25 characters, works). That's probably better than soreseka, which, while the official abbreviation for the name, is not really used outside Japan as far as I can tell.

UPDATE: I added both world-is-still-beautiful and the-world-still-beautiful as synonyms for soreseka. An ugly solution, but it's better than nothing.

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